What can be synchronized?

What can be sync’d?

What information source can be synchronized using LDAPSync?

LDAPSync supports any LDAP Directory, as source and as destination data store. Because we add great flexibility in the configuration of delta information analysis, LDAPSync can use whatever change indicator your directory or your objects are able to provide, resulting in speedy delta synchronization for almost all types of LDAP directory.

LDAPSync can synchronize single containers or entire directories – you can have LDAPSync synchronize all objects of a specific class or add any additional condition using standardized LDAP queries.

LDAPSync is based on a flexible data access modell and can be extended to support any type of data source, including CSV, TXT, XML, Databases or others – please contact us if you have a requirements to snychronize from or to data source other than LDAP Directories.

Synchronization can happen in any direction and the many built in options for attribute flow rules allows to implement any required business process modell into the synchronization.

Because LDAPSync is very performing it can be configured to run in short intervall, creating a near instant replication of information from source to target.