Company Information


UID Systems: Over a decade of advancing LDAP Management, Synchronisation and Migration

UID Systems has been created in 2008 to meet the modern demands of LDAP management and migration. Our focus is on developing practical, powerful solutions that simplify complex data management challenges. With more than a decade of experience, UID Systems has established itself as a trusted partner in the international market.

Solutions Designed for Real-World Challenges

The complexity and volume of data in today’s IT landscapes necessitate solutions that are both easy to implement and scalable. UID Systems delivers on this need by offering products that enhance process and systems management across both small and enterprise-scale environments. Our tools are designed for straightforward deployment and configuration, yet powerful enough to manage extensive data sets effectively.

Our Clients: A Testament to Our Impact

UID Systems serves a diverse range of clients, from small businesses to multinational corporations across various industries. Notable partners include Bosch, Gazprom Germania, and Marienhospital Marl, underscoring our ability to address the unique challenges of different sectors (References).

Core Advantages:

  • Focused Innovation: Our upcoming initiatives, including a new data management and synchronization framework, aim to set new standards in data processing efficiency, adaptability, and user control.
  • Strategic Collaboration: We leverage partnerships to integrate our advanced solutions across a wider spectrum of products, ensuring consistent quality and innovation.
  • Expertise That Matters: Managing millions of data points has honed our expertise in precisely identifying and implementing the necessary adjustments for optimal data management and process automation.

Foundation and Ownership:

  • Established: 2008, building on the foundation laid by visioningPro in 2006.
  • Ownership: Privately held, fostering a culture of innovation and customer focus.

Client Feedback:

Our approach is validated by positive client feedback, highlighting our responsive support and the effectiveness of our solutions:

  • “Appreciate the quick response to our queries.”
  • “Impressed with the rapid delivery of the tool.”
  • “Satisfied with the solution’s performance and the prompt support.”

UID Systems stands committed to developing solutions that directly address the evolving needs of data management and synchronisation, backed by a history of proven success and client satisfaction.