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UIDSystemsAbout UID Systems

UID Systems is the legal follow up successor of the company visioningPro. With tremendous successful products, customers all around the world (References), and solely positive feedback from management, administrators and users of our products, the business is growing steadily in the international market.

Most user administration, identity management and data processing solution on the market are either too complex or just not powerful and adoptable enough for our customers requirements. With ever more systems and always growing complexity and quantity of your data, today, more than ever, there is a need for simple, powerful and extendible solutions.

At UID Systems we focus on developing services and solutions for Process and Systems Management, which can be used in small business and enterprise scenarios. Products that are both, simple to deploy and configure, and powerful enough to perform.

Our new data management and synchronization framework will provide the basis for an ever growing suite of data management, data synchronization and data administration solutions, all benefiting from:

  • Extreme performance
  • Unlimited extensibility and adoptability
  • Visual represenation and administration
We are also working with major partners in bringing these concepts into other products, providing unique functionality and stability across many products and services. We gained our experience from managing, migrating and automating the processing of millions of data entities / processes / objects, we know exactly which screws to turn, to make things run the way you need.
UID Systems quick facts
  • founded in 2008 as the successor of visioningPro, which was founded in 2006
  • privately owned