GALSync Pro


GALSync Pro allows you to synchronize your global addressbooks very easy and without requiring technical expertise.

The  solution can be deployed within a few minutes and securely replicate two or more Exchange global addressbooks with each other.

If you require a no hassle solution for addressbook synchronization, that does not require you to:

  • install or license extra servers or databases
  • develop extensions, just because you want to transform attribute data (like adding a blank in front of the displayName)
  • create your own reporting and logging procedures
  • pay for features you do not require


GALSync Pro makes immediately enable:

  • one common Exchange global addressbook (GAL) for the entire organization
  • to never have receipts of non delivery (RND) because messaging details have not been updated
  • one messaging domain for joint-venture, company merges and migration environments



  • Replicate all addressbook entries from one global addressbook to the other.
  • Select which type of addresses to be replicated (user, distribution groups, public folder addresses, contacts)
  • All common mail recipient attributes will be replicated (displayName, sn, givenName, address properties, messaging properties, communication properties)
  • All objects will be created as contacts in the target directory.


Select which properties are to be replicated

  • Define you own replication attribute flows and transform attribute values on the fly whilst synchronization occurs
  • Synchronize to multiple target directories
  • Defines the target object type, allowing you to synchronize users as users and distribution groups as distribution groups – this way you can see the members of a distribution list in the target addressbook.
  • Detailed logging of any change performed on object and attribute level
  • High performance delta synchronization


Distinct advantage compared to other solutions

  • Easy and quick deployment within a few minutes
  • No technical configuration knowledge required
  • No additional server or database licenses required
  • Integrated reporting on change performed using e-mail
  • No programming required even for the most complex data transformations
  • Integrated value replicating options, like keeping existing target values, checking uniqueness of mail addresses in target and/or other directories, …



  • Only for Active Directory and Exchange 2000+
  • Limited to address book entry relevant objects (users, groups, publicFolder and contacts)
  • Limited to address book relevant attributes


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