LDAPSync Licensing scheme


LDAPSync Licensing scheme


Valid as of 01. August 2011

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 support Professional Support Option

You will get any of our product bundled with an optional full coverage service and support contract, resulting in a 100% guaranteed service delivery, rather than just a product.

The full service includes all assistance required to install and configure the product throughout the lifetime of the support contract including all minor changes, customization and updates to the software required to your usage scenario.

GAL Synchronization, LDAP Synchronization, Active Directory Mirroring, … everthing with our guarantee that it will work the way you desire.

 product Software Maintenance

We take great care that our products do work seemlessly in all environments matching the minimum requirements – now and in the future. Our large list of installations, all together synchronizing millions of objects every day speak for themselves. In case there are specific requirements to be met or you want installation and configuration to be supported by our team, our optional professional support package (see above) includes a full coverage, including customization and updates to the software required to your usage scenario.

The maintenance option enables to to participate and take full advantage of all upgrades and changes in the product.

license Licensing

Licensing of our products is per Installation (Typically per server the software is installed) and per object. In terms of directory synchrtonization license relevant objects are:


user_64 Users

group_64 Groups (membership sync included)

book_64 Any other address book entry, like contacts, public Folders, …

As soon as license payment has been received, your license file will be delivered online.

 refund Upgrades

Our upgrade policy allows you to add any number of objects at a later time – we will fully refund the current license payments in case of any upgrade.

Payment options

Invoicing and license payment can be performed in most major currencies. For payment you can make use of traditional payment options like:

bank_64 money transfer (please ensure additional time it will take to process payments)

check_64 cheque (please ensure additional time it will take to process payments)

or you can use our online payment service accepting all major credit cards

paypal_64 (We currently use PayPal as our online debitor)

Product Prices


Objects License Annual maintenance (included in the first year) Must be acquired at time of software purchase Optional annual professional support
(Only valid with maintenance)
Must be acquired at time of software purchase
1000 6.200,00 € 2.066,00 € /year 2.066,00 € /year
5000 7.000,00 € 2.333,00 € /year 2.333,00 € /year
10000 8.000,00 € 2.666,00 € /year 2.666,00 € /year
25000 9.500,00 € 3.166,00 € /year 3.166,00 € /year
50000 12.000,00 € 4.000,00 € /year 4.000,00 € /year
100000 17.000,00 € 5.666,00 € /year 5.666,00 € /year
200000 24.500,00 € 8.166,00 € /year 8.166,00 € /year

If the product is to be installed on more than one server / environment, a seperate license is required for each installation.