Finally synchronize your LDAP directories with ease and affordable.

Use for Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, ADAM or any other LDAP compatible data source.

What is LDAPSync

LDAPSync is a lightweight Active Directory, Exchange and LDAP synchronization tool, enabling you to easily and securely synchronize two or more directories using optimized dotNet technologies. You only set a few parameters within the GUI, like user credentials, select the attributes and the objects you want to synchronize – et violá – you can start keeping two LDAP directories in synch with each other using any data transformation you like, e.g. for enabling mail communication, user migration, …

LDAPSync is not a directory or a metadirectory, it simply synchronises directory information:

  • no special rights required
  • no additional database or directory
  • supports any LDAP server, any object type and any property
  • multiple synchronizations in one project
  • one-to-many synchronization
  • A extensive set of option for attribute synchronization rules

Key benefits

  • Convert from any to any object type (e.g. Users to contacts, Public folders to groups,…).
  • Synchronize any field of any object.
  • Transform data in any way – transformation fully scriptable using your well known favorite VBScript.
  • Combine multiple synchronizations into one project, which run in the desired sequence.
  • Test and Debug any of your settings with great details.
  • Monitor any changes performed on any change on any object and get informed by Email.
  • Does only require read rights in the data source.
  • Synchronize or Provision objects – update single or multiple attributes.
  • No need for programming skills – easy mapping of attribute using simple syntax.
  • Runs on any Server or Workstation – No additional Server or Database licensing required!!
  • With One Click Runs or per schedule
  • With very speedy delta synchronization
  • With detailed Logs
  • With Preview / Test Mode
  • With GUI and wizards
  • With encrypted configuration files and passwords
  • With speed and stability
  • With our “you say it -we will do it…” support policy

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