Scenarios / Reasons for using LDAPSync


Do you need to:

  • Synchronize user mail and contact information from one to another addressbook in one or both directions?
  • Create mirror user objects with synchronized messaging information?
  • Duplicate external contacts?
  • Allow users, public folders or distribution lists to be addressable using one single e-mail domain?
  • replicate recipient info between multiple Active Directory Forests?
  • unify several different email systems?
  • migrate or update from one email system to another?
  • create and share one common global addresslist (GAL)?
  • share selected directory data with a partner organisation?
  • mass update users in one directory with information from another directory?
  • migrate from Exchange 5.5 to newer versions?
  • enable email communication throughout your company running multiple directories?
  • create a shadow directory (e.g. within a test environment)?
  • enable replication between different directories (Intranet, Extranet, …)?
  • replicate specific user to support your PKI infrastructure?
  • employ Active Directory in Application Mode (ADAM) and need to synchronize users or groups?

Get LDAPSync and have your directories synchronized within minutes!

Key Benefits


  • LDAPSync typically deploys in minutes! or a day, verses days, weeks or even years other solutions might require

Ease of Use

  • Setup, Testing, Analysis, Configuration and Maintainance are performed using a GUI and Wizards, verses batch commands, complex configuration files or even developments needed comparable products
  • We deliver templates for most common synchronization purposes of assist in setting up a synchronization template required in your scenario. You will not need detailed technical understanding of underlying directory technologies, nor development skills

No extra or hidden cost

  • Even the most complex information flow rules can be setup in LDAPSync without the need for extra development. We provide everything out of the box.

Enterprise Ready

  • Supports even largest directories
  • High performance due to dotNet technologies and double delta comparison
  • Does not require databases
  • Can be installed on any workstation or server

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