Feature List

LDAPSync: Detailed Feature Overview

LDAPSync redefines LDAP directory synchronization with its unparalleled feature set, designed for high efficiency, flexibility, and ease of use. This comprehensive solution brings advanced capabilities directly to your IT infrastructure without the need for additional programming or costly extensions. Here’s a closer look at the technical specifics that set LDAPSync apart:

Competitive Licensing and Operational Flexibility:

  • No Additional Costs: Eliminates the need for extra server, database licenses, or programming, contrasting with competitors like SimpleSync and Microsoft Identity Integration Server.
  • Runs Everywhere: Fully operational on any server or workstation that supports dotNET 2.0, bypassing the need for specialized infrastructure.

Rapid Deployment and Ease of Use:

  • 5-Minute GAL Synchronization: A streamlined setup process guarantees your first Global Address List synchronization in just five minutes, supported by pre-configured templates for various scenarios.
  • User-Friendly: The intuitive GUI and wizard-driven processes facilitate easy setup and configuration, making LDAPSync accessible for users of all skill levels.

Advanced Synchronization Capabilities:

  • Universal Compatibility: Supports synchronization with any Active Directory, Exchange version, or other LDAP-compliant directories as both source and target.
  • Extensive Object and Attribute Support: Enables synchronization of any object property (single valued, multivalued, text, number, binary), including conversion between different LDAP object types.

Optimized Synchronization Options:

  • Delta Synchronization: Ensures efficiency by double-checking each property for changes before syncing, drastically reducing processing load on the target directory.
  • Customizable Mapping: Full scripting support allows for complex mapping of any object property, facilitating detailed customization without additional development.

Security and Performance:

  • Minimal Rights Required: Operates with the least amount of required permissions, ensuring secure and compliant data handling.
  • High-Performance Design: Capable of synchronizing thousands of objects swiftly, with delta runs optimized for frequent, quick updates, minimizing impact on network and server resources.

Unique and Flexible Features:

  • Selective Synchronization: Offers the flexibility to synchronize selective attributes, parts of the directory tree (DIT), or even specific X509 Public Keys, catering to unique organizational needs.
  • Robust Against Failures: Designed to be fully robust against synchronization failures, with features like SSL support for LDAP directories and the ability to modify entries “in place” to preserve existing values.

In-Depth Monitoring and Reporting:

  • Comprehensive Logging: Detailed logs provide visibility into every synchronization activity, including ADDs, UPDATEs, DELETEs, and any errors encountered.
  • Administrative Reporting: Built-in email reporting keeps administrators informed of synchronization outcomes, ensuring transparency and accountability.

LDAPSync’s extensive capabilities are specifically engineered to address the complex challenges of LDAP directory synchronization. From seamless integration and data transformation to secure, efficient operations, LDAPSync offers everything you need to maintain coherent, synchronized directory information across your organization.

For detailed insights into how LDAPSync can support your specific synchronization needs or to request a quote, please contact us. Discover the power of comprehensive, hassle-free LDAP directory synchronization with LDAPSync.

Other features

    • Synchronize within or between companies.
    • Minimal connections requirements – ideal for VPN, Intranet / Extranet synchronizations
    • Synchronize selective attributes/force attributes.
    • Synchronize selective parts of the directory tree (DIT).
    • Synchronize X509 Public Keys to make them local.
    • Attribute mapping and translation between directories.
    • Runs over minimal bandwidth.
    • Minimizes directory server load.
    • Enables deletion limits to prevent accidental object deletion.
    • Configure from a user friendly GUI with Wizards.
    • Use current directories – no “new” directory – no database.
    • Create AD/Exchange entries from other LDAP.
    • Translate all attributes, including X509.
    • Synchronize all or selected parts of directory.
    • Perform any external operation per attribute, like lookups, …
    • Selective attribute mapping & modification.
    • Reformat display names to match destination or any other attribute.
    • Perform any calculation of attribute values, including if then, values from other attributes, …
    • Exclude selective objects and LDAP paths
    • Synchronize X.400, all SMTP addresses or any other mail information.
    • Synchronize and label list/group addresses.
    • Very extended “delta” mode
    • Modify entries “in place” to preserve existing values.
    • Completely robust against failed synchs.
    • SSL support for LDAP directories.
    • AD/Exchange 2000/2003/2007/2011/2013/…, ADAM, iPlanet, Novell, OpenLDAP, other LDAP sources.
    • unicodePWD attribute / Password set and modify in AD.
    • Provision new user accounts or update existing accounts in AD from another LDAP directory.
    • Support for multi-valued and multi-line attributes (and any other).