Feature List

LDAPSync – Full feature list

Competitive licensing – Fixed cost

  • Very competitive pricing policy compared to all major competitors, like SimpleSync, Microsoft Identity Integration Server (including IIFP which requires Enterprise licenses), LDSU (HP),…
  • Will not require additional programming or extensions
  • All professional licenses include a support pack
  • Runs on any server or workstation supporting the dotNET 2.0 framework – you will not require additional licenses for servers, databases, …
  • With features right out of the box, you would have to develop yourself with other solutions, like IIFP (MIIS)

Easy and quick to use

  • Easy setup: Single Installer enables directory synchronization with a few clicks
  • 5 minutes GAL Synchronization promise: Install, configure and run your first GAL synchronization within 5 minutes!
  • Ready to use templates available for different scenarios

Interfaces and data processing

  • Supports any Active Directory (Windows 2000, Windows 2003, …), Exchange (5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, …) or other LDAP compliant directories as synchronization data source and synchronization target. (Other data providers soon to come: please ask our support)
  • Synchronize any object property (single valued, multivalued, text, number, binary, …)
  • Supports and converts any LDAP object type as source or as target object type

Best in synchronization options

  • Supports delta synchronization
  • Double checks any property for change prior to writing values to minimize target directory processing
  • Allows for singularity checks of primary mail addresses in any additional LDAP source for large, multisite installations of Exchange or other Messaging systems
  • Supports keeping of existing mail addresses in the target
  • Allow any property to any property mapping
  • Support full scripting of any object property mapping

Best in usability

  • GUI and Wizard help to avoid errors and speeds up configuration
  • Keep control by combining multiple synchronizations setup within one synchronization project
  • All synchronization options displayed clearly and maintainable in one window or within your configuration report
  • Test your synchronization in preview mode and see all data processing and data changes as they would occur as if not in test mode.
  • Includes detailed logging options to enable monitoring and reporting of data changes
  • Build-In administrator reporting by mail – Reporting of ADDs/UPDATEs (including which properties)/DELETEs and any error, like already existing primary email addresses.

Best in security

  • Only requires a minimum set of required rights
  • Only standard LDAP ports required
  • All configuration settings are stored in encrypted format.
  • Support secure LDAP connections

Best in performance

  • Instant updates possible due to high performance: synchronizes many thousand objects within a few minutes in non delta runs.
  • Delta runs can be schedules to run as often as required as these normally finish within a few seconds. All synchronizations are scheduled using the Task Scheduler, so they can also run when no one is logged on to the server. LDAPSync will then run as a service without a GUI.

Other features

    • Synchronize within or between companies.
    • Minimal connections requirements – ideal for VPN, Intranet / Extranet synchronizations
    • Synchronize selective attributes/force attributes.
    • Synchronize selective parts of the directory tree (DIT).
    • Synchronize X509 Public Keys to make them local.
    • Attribute mapping and translation between directories.
    • Runs over minimal bandwidth.
    • Minimizes directory server load.
    • Enables deletion limits to prevent accidental object deletion.
    • Configure from a user friendly GUI with Wizards.
    • Use current directories – no “new” directory – no database.
    • Create AD/Exchange entries from other LDAP.
    • Translate all attributes, including X509.
    • Synchronize all or selected parts of directory.
    • Perform any external operation per attribute, like lookups, …
    • Selective attribute mapping & modification.
    • Reformat display names to match destination or any other attribute.
    • Perform any calculation of attribute values, including if then, values from other attributes, …
    • Exclude selective objects and LDAP paths
    • Synchronize X.400, all SMTP addresses or any other mail information.
    • Synchronize and label list/group addresses.
    • Very extended “delta” mode
    • Modify entries “in place” to preserve existing values.
    • Completely robust against failed synchs.
    • SSL support for LDAP directories.
    • AD/Exchange 2000/2003/2007/2011/2013/…, ADAM, iPlanet, Novell, OpenLDAP, other LDAP sources.
    • unicodePWD attribute / Password set and modify in AD.
    • Provision new user accounts or update existing accounts in AD from another LDAP directory.
    • Support for multi-valued and multi-line attributes (and any other).