• LDAPSync 
    Synchronize any LDAP Directory, including Microsoft® Active Directory™ instantly

    • many built-in configuration options for mapping rules, data processing, ...
    • compatible with Microsoft Active Directory, openLDAP, Lotus Notes, SunOne, ...
    • high performing
    A fully automated, highly customizable reliable service to synchronize about any data from any to any LDAP directory.
  • GALSync Pro 
    the easiest way to sync Microsoft® Exchange™ contact information between seperate sites

    • Wizard based interface
    • Custom attribute mappings, including fixed values and calculated values
    • Replicates groups with memberships, even across Active Directory forests

    Wizard based, fast synchronization of any Microsoft Exchange Global Address List

  • ADSnapshot™ 
    Search your Microsoft® Active Directory™ like the web / export to clipboard and to CSV files.

    • predefine common attributes that need to be exported
    • search any field using advanced find options, ...
    • list group memberships or multiple e-mail addresses in a readable form.


  • LDAPSync
  • GALSync Pro
  • ADSnapshot

Millions of directory entries are being synchronized daily using the reliable and straight forward service proved by our products. Whether you need to unify your global address lists, connect Microsoft(tm) Active Directory(tm) data from multiple domains or integrate Lotus Notes, openLDAP or other directory services to enable centralized data management and availability, or if you need to migrate, consolidate or separate different directory services – our solutions can ensure data quality and availability by allowing synchronization scenarios tailored to your requirements.